The annual Halloween Costume event in Columbus, OH had become a promising yet unfocused brand in the city whose value proposition and programming were unclear. Organizers sought to rebrand and reframe the event to be more distinctive and more professional.

Reimagine HighBall Halloween as a focused, unique event that has a clearer identity and mission, and stronger programming.

Play to the event strengths - a nighttime street party, a queer point of view, and a message of liberation by transformation. Eliminate programming that targeted children, families, pets, and ethnic subgroups in favor of a broader, event, dubbed “the nation’s fiercest costume party”. Infuse a queer sensibility into the brand and marketing copy.

Theme Development
Identity System Development
Brand Guidelines
New Programming
Production Management + Budgeting
AV Design + Execution

Graphic Design + Implementation
PR + Marketing Strategy
On-site Execution
Video Production

A gorgeous new identity system, revised and clarified programming, and a stronger public persona helped propel our first year's HighBall experience to be the most well attended and the most profitable in the event's seven year history, more than doubling the prior year's numbers.
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