After four years of development, Honda was finally launching the first-ever North American-made Supercar, the Acura NSX. Created to rival the likes of Porche and Ferrari, the first vehicle off the line was sold for $1.2M to NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick, and IM Creative was hired to create the moment that marked the vehicle's historic debut.

The primary objected was to create an exciting, press-friendly event that honors the contributions of the 100 technicians who helped create the NSX and reveals the vehicle the fanfare and class reflecting the Acura spirit.

We created a celebratory curtain call event in which all members of the team that created the NSX were given the chance to take a bow in front of the assembled masses in the factory. We also constructed a 30 minute program of remarks, videos, and the vehicle reveal that featured the car driving through the video screen and onto a spinning turntable, allowing every angle of the vehicle to have a moment in the spotlight.

Creative Direction
Production Management + Budgeting
Event Logistics + Flow
Scenic Design + Fabrication
AV Design + Execution
Graphic Design + Implementation

Executive Presentation Scripting + Rehearsals
Speaker Coaching + Directing
Media Management
Video Production
Print Production
Onsite Execution

You’ve got something special here. You have a culture — you can’t buy culture and you sure can’t buy the enthusiasm that you have.
- Rick Hendrick, Hendrick Motorsports and owner of VIN 001

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