UPS was launching WE LOVE LOGISTICS, their first ever coordinated global advertising campaign, and sought to bring the campaign to life through direct to consumer immersive experiences.

Present UPS as more than a delivery service in conservative brown, but as a brand responsible for an entire intricate system of logistics through experiences that would drive traffic to their social media channels.

Have SWAT-team style drive-up flash mobs appear out of the back of
UPS package cars using 30 dancers and packaged choreographed to
the campaign theme song. Engage consumers through performances, recording karaoke videos of them singing the campaign theme song,
and answering quizzes about UPS. Upload all generated content to social media.

Experience Design
Content Creation + Writing
Graphic Design
Venue Sourcing + Permitting
Music + Choreography
Mobile Karaoke Unit Creation

On-Site Execution
Social Media Activation
Casting + Brand Ambassadors

We couldn't have picked better partners to bring our message to life. IM Creative is a team of professionals with incredible vision who understand how to harness the power of a brand in a live setting - and the result was, in a word, amazing.
- PR Manager, UPS

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